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Universal Closures


Sector: Light Industry

Partner: Universal Closures CJSC

Description: Universal Closures is the only manufacturer of TALOG / MASC type closures in Armenia, and is also one of the main suppliers of the EAEU and CIS markets. The company’s products are sold in Georgia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Universal Closers manufactures closures and supplies local and regional companies such as Coca Cola, Bjni, Baikal, Tassay (Kazakhstan) and others. The total production capacity of the company’s equipment is up to 180 million closures per year.

With a joint project, the company will also expand the production volumes of the factory.

Advantages: As a result of this investment, the company will additionally acquire new machinery and equipment, which will increase the current production and sales volumes of TALOG/MASC type closures for about 80%. With a joint project, the company will also acquire a new line for the production of Crown Cap type closures. These are produced from special steel rolling used in the food industry and are used mainly for beer, as well as water and alcoholic beverages. All imported equipment and production lines are exclusively of Western European production, and the raw materials will be purchased only from leading European manufacturers․

The products have a strong and stable demand in the local and international markets and the project has a very specific export orientation. It is planned to export more than 85% of the total volume of products․

Fund Investment Size: 3.9 million euro