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ARFI Platform

A portfolio of strategically important assets in Armenia

Armenia Financed is a crowdfunding platform which allows everyday people from all over the world to invest in private businesses and new startup projects in Armenia and become a part of them. The main goals of the platform are the development of the business environment in Armenia, the creation of additional income for investors and strengthening the ties between the diaspora and Armenia. Anyone over 18, regardless of wealth, can invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success. Our platform lets startup and private business raise capital from the crowd online. Companies sell their securities, whether in the form of equity in the company, debt, revenue share, convertible note, and more. ANIF unique approach protects and empowers investors while helping businesses grow. Together with our investors, we co-invest in all campaigns to build trust and generate higher returns for our investors.

Enrich Armenian, enrich Yourself.

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Our Mission

Support Armenia

Support the Development of Armenia and become a part of it.

Generate Additional Income

Earn higher income on your investment compared to other fixed income.

Tax Exemption

Income is Tax exempted.

Invest in Projects

Invest in few projects at the same time while you will be informed about any update.