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Why Invest with ANIF

How to invest with ANIF

Getting Started

Contact ANIF to get assistance in developing a business case for your next investment project. We offer specific services for each stage of the foreign investment cycle. We provide general information about Armenia, its economic and social environment, its legal framework and polices on foreign investments.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals with broad industry knowledge seek to provide specific information about how to start a business as well as the procedures and regulation, analyses on key sectors. We will support and facilitate your investment decision through all types of communications and advisory initiatives. Our mission is to offer you customized solutions tailored to each investment situation to contribute to investment growth.


Establishing a Business in Armenia

ANIF will help you to establish your investment project in Armenia from the very beginning. This support includes setting up a business in Armenia, communicating with local municipalities and government agencies, supporting to acquire appropriate certificates and licenses, finding the land for new rural developments.

Our analysts work alongside with Direct Foreign Investors to adjust their investment project to Armenian market. We leverage our business network and international connections to benefit long term capital appreciation.



Financing your new business is one of the biggest challenges. We assist our partners to get access to sustainable finance during the lifetime of the project.

Being in a good relationship with International Financial Institutions and Local Commercial Banks we will support to obtain affordable financing to run the project.



Besides providing all necessary information and communication with government and municipal agencies ANIF strives to be a good and reliable partner during the lifetime of your investment. Co-investment models provide Investors an additional capital source to make larger investments and seek higher returns.

ANIF as a co-investor carries the investment risk and is dedicated to concentrate its experience and knowledge to achieve higher result. We genuinely believe that co-investment model deepens collaborative relationships between ANIF and Investors and which not only benefits the immediate investment, but also the long-term relationship between the parties.


Ongoing Support

ANIF strong management and professional team with over 15 years of experience in finance and business management provides ongoing support and assistance throughout the lifetime of the project.

Our team of analysts conducts detailed research for all investment opportunities.