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ANIF announces the appointment of Khaled Helioui as President of its Investment Committee


We are excited to announce that Mr. Khaled Helioui has been appointed President of the Investment Committee of the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF), effective today.

Chief Executive Officer of ANIF David Papazian said: “After announcing two key Board member appointments, we are very excited to have Khaled join ANIF as the President of our Investment Committee. Despite his very young age, Khaled is a seasoned and successful global investor. Having started his career in investment banking and private equity, he then lead a large European tech company as its CEO and accomplished its high value sale. Khaled has proceeded to becoming a successful early investor in tech companies such as Uber & Deliveroo and others at an early stage”.

“Moreover, Khaled’s attitude and ethical intransigence are a perfect fit for the demanding role of President of our Investment Committee. We, and I personally as Khaled’s longtime friend, are honored and proud that he has accepted to join ANIF at this crucial juncture of its growth”, added Mr. Papazian.

Mr. Helioui said: “It is both with humility and a deep sense of responsibility that I accepted the request of my dear friend David Papazian to join ANIF as president of its Investment Committee. The people of the Republic of Armenia, and remarkably its youth, have accomplished what most deemed unthinkable, that is claiming ownership of their political future via a peaceful revolution”.

“The Republic of Armenia has the potential of becoming a unique hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region due to its outstanding mathematics & engineering capabilities, remnants of USSR’s investments in education, and the freedom of thinking & self determination unleashed by the revolution. I am proud to lend my experience, network and investment judgment to support the acceleration of its economic engine.”


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