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From Seed to Farm


Sector: Agriculture

Partner: Father and Son Yeremyans LLC

Description: The program, implemented jointly with Father and Son Yeremyans LLC, is aimed at ensuring the efficiency of the process of feeding the livestock farm of the Vayots Dzor organization. After the Artsakh war, the purchase of products from the territory of Artsakh became impossible, and supplies to the local market did not meet the company’s requirements for quality standards, so Father and Son Yeremyans LLC was involved in the project to ensure the continuity of agricultural projects.

The project is aimed at purchasing 225 hectares of land with the appropriate equipment for the cultivation of high-quality feed by the Father and Son Yeremyans  company in the Armavir region. The project completes the seed-to-table concept that guides the company. The feed is obtained from seeds, processed in the feed kitchen and supplied to the animals on the farm.

Advantages: The project has a chain effect and will contributes to the continuation of a number of business projects of Father and Son Yeremyans, ensuring the stability of the supply process, as well as restrain the growth of market prices for the end consumer.

The project cost is equivalent to USD 2 million. The investment value of the fund is equivalent to USD 0.5 million. During the implementation of the project, 20-40 jobs will be created.





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