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Fly Arna launches new direct flights to Moscow


The Armenian National Interests Fund is glad to inform that Fly Arna, Armenia’s national airline and a joint venture company between ANIF and Air Arabia Group, has announced the launch of its third destination connecting Yerevan to Moscow, the capital city of Russia.


The new direct flights from Zvartnots International Airport to Moscow Domodedovo International Airport will start from September 23, 2022 with a frequency of fourteen flights weekly.


“We are glad that Fly Arna has demonstrated commitment to success in such a short period and expanded the geography of its flights, – CEO of ANIF, Chairman of the Board of Fly Arna, David Papazian commented, “Moscow is a strategic destination for passengers flying to and from Armenia and we appreciate that Fly Arna’s flights will contribute to increasing the availability and accessibility of this destination. Fly Arna continues to prioritize not only the expansion of the geography of flights, but in parallel with the planned expansion, continues to demonstrate a firm commitment to the principles of reliability and safety’’.


Schedule to Moscow, Domodedovo International Airport, effective September 23,2022 (all times local):


Flight Departure Time Arrival Time Aircraft Frequency
 G6 403 Yerevan 08:00 Moscow 10:50 Airbus A320 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sun
G6 404 Moscow 11:40 Yerevan 16:25 Airbus A320 Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sun
 G6 403 Yerevan 07:00 Moscow 09:50 Airbus A320 Mon/Sat
G6 404 Moscow 10:40 Yerevan 15:25 Airbus A320 Mon/Sat
 G6 407 Yerevan 17:30 Moscow 20:20 Airbus A320 daily
G6 408 Moscow 21:10 Yerevan 01:55 Airbus A320 daily

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