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ANIF Anti-Crisis Fund will Invest in the Field of Cargo Transportation


The Entrepreneur + State Anti-Crisis Investment Fund of the Armenian National Interest Fund will invest in Global Connect, a logistics and international cargo transportation company.

The management of the company intended to raise funds to expand the share of freight services, considering the potential of the company. ANIF Anti-Crisis Fund will invest about USD 1.4 million to achieve this goal.

Taking into account the geographical location of Armenia, the expansion and development of cargo transportation and logistics have a vital and strategic importance for the country.

The investments attracted will be mainly directed to the purchase of new trucks, including refrigeration trucks.

The increase in the number of vehicles, will allow the company to achieve its strategic goal by providing various specialized freight services to major local exporters and importers.

ANIF participates in the program within the framework of the Anti-Crisis fund programs of the ANIF subsidiary company established to mitigate the economic consequences of COVID 19. The Anti-Crisis Fund offers companies with a desire to expand or start a new business initiative with a maximum of 49% equity participation.

The fund’s resources are not just financial support, but an investment in business initiatives with growth potential. Any company can apply for the participation of the fund, if it meets the requirements.

Global Connect started operating in 2018. It carries out cargo transportation and provides logistics services to a number of countries.


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